Friday, April 21, 2017

STAREAST Software Testing Conference

Now is the ideal time to reserve your seat for STAREAST. The tester's world is constantly changing and each day you face new challenges, pressures, and opportunities. The conference helps you learn both classical testing practices and new methodologies to grow your skills, supercharge your knowledge, and re-energize your view of your profession.

Explore the STAREAST program to see what the premier conference in the software testing industry has in store. Start making plans to join TechWell May 7–12 in Orlando and listen to keynotes speakers—Zeger Van Hese, Sally Goble, Lee Copeland, Bob Galen, and Randy Rice.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Corporate Defense and the Value Preservation Imperative - A Spectrum of Positive Feedback

Since its publication, Corporate Defense and the Value Preservation Imperative: Bulletproof Your Corporate Defense Program has received a wide spectrum of positive feedback. This feedback has come from an eclectic mix of corporate commentators, including those commenting from different organizational perspectives (e.g. Strategic, Tactical, & Operational), those commenting from the vantage point of different lines of defense (e.g. the Board, Executive Management, Independent Assurance, Tactical Oversight Functions, & Operational Line Management), and those commenting through the lenses of different corporate defense expertise (e.g. Governance, Risk, Compliance, Intelligence, Security, Resilience, Controls, & Assurance). Interestingly many of these commentators also hail from a variety of geographic locations. The following represents a selection of this commentary to date.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Agile Development, Better Software, & DevOps West

Discover three conferences in one location! AgileDevelopment, Better Software, & DevOps West are the premier week long events bringing all aspects of the software lifecycle to the forefront. These conferences are coming to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from June 4–9, 2017. One registration gets you exclusive access to all three of these industry-leading events, with more than a hundred learning sessions and networking opportunities to choose from. Register now and build your week at the conference with the topics that matter most to you. Use promo code CWCM and save up to an additional $200! More information at