Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just because you’re paranoid …

Yesterday afternoon I received the strangest call on my cellphone. Aside from the fact that almost no one calls me on the cell, the caller claimed to have found on the campus of a local community college a notebook for a history course. My name and phone number were written inside the notebook, which the caller wanted to return.

Keep in mind that the last history course I took was probably as a college freshman many, many moons ago, and that I’ve never been on that campus much less taken a course there.

So, mindful of scams, social engineering, and other things of that ilk, I was suspicious. How did that person get my name and number? Was the call a probe? When I answered the call, the caller’s number appeared, but not his name. That seemed suspicious, too, although if neither the number nor the name appeared I won’t have answered the call.

Yes, I should probably call back and determine if the call was legitimate or it. Maybe someone wrote my name and number in his notebook, and then lost it, although I can’t image who would do that. Am I worrying too much about this?

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