Thursday, December 15, 2011

Feds Investigate Carrier IQ Phone Tracking

Too little, too late; too reactive. Carrier IQ's problem is likely that they didn't contribute enough to Congress, or spread enough samolians around K Street.

In the latest CRYPTO-GRAM, Bruce Schneier wonders if Apple's dropping Carrier IQ has more to do with Apple now doing the tracking itself than with Apple trying to do the right thing. We all know they would never do that.


  1. Well it has been about a month.
    No new news. Al and the other senators have pretty much moved on to something else. The FTC and FCC find nothing wrong with Carrier IQ. They aren't breaking any laws, privacy or otherwise. No one has shown up on anyone's door step with warrants. Trevor Eckhart the android enthusiast who supposedly uncovered this big secret has gone back underground, and returned to work at the competitor of Carrier IQ. Life has pretty much returned to normal.

  2. It’s makes headlines, but most people are blissfully unaware of issues like this. Without knowing it, they’re followed McNealy’s advice, and got over it. Seems like the EFF, as the Internet’s ACLU, will continue to carry the cross on this, whether or not the population at large cares. Meanwhile, someone needs to apply scrutiny to the government’s intrusions, such as this one by the Department of Education.