Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why should Bradley Manning defend himself?

The Christian Science Monitor ran a piece suggesting how Manning may try to weasel out of his alleged actions.

Sure, let's play good defense and muddy the waters. The question is whether or not he purposefully leaked classified documents. It doesn't matter whether or not they should have been classified, or if the leak did damage. There was a rule; someone broke it; someone should pay. If Manning is guilty and wants to be a counterculture hero, then he should man up. If he's not guilty, then make the plea and prove it.

Kierkegaard writes about a knight of faith who knowingly acts counter to law to achieve what he perceives is a greater good, and he takes responsibility for the act. A knight of faith is an admirable character regardless of whether or not one agrees with his actions. No snivelling cowardice allowed. If Manning did what he's accused of doing, he's now baser than a scrawny little runt who teases the bigger kids and then runs to hide behind his mother.

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