Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Easy Day: Day 2

So now the Pentagon claims the book reveals classified information. There are also rumors reported in the NYTimes that the author wrote the book because he was pissed off at how he was treated. Is this the start of a slur campaign?

So far, there's been nothing exciting in the book. The usual stuff about how the auther was born to do this, complaints about too much training and too little action, anecodotes about missions in the Middle East, ...

I've heard the training complaint before. The son of a friend is in Delta now, and has been for five years or so. He's only deployed to Trashcanistan once. The other years were spent either as a trainee or a trainer, both here and overseas.

As I continue to read, maybe we'll get to the actual assault and take down of bin Laden.

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