Monday, October 8, 2012

Chinese firms draw fire in House Intelligence report; Cisco cuts ties to China's ZTE after Iran probe

Well, of course the Chinese firms would call the charges "baseless."

Seems like the House Intelligence Committee did something right. Reuters reports  that the committee is recommending that Huawai and ZTE be barred from buying US companies because of fears that they could be used for cyber-espionage. Of course, depending on who wins the Presidential election next month, the committee's recommendation has a good chance of being ignored. I'm suprised we allow them to sell kit into the US, or at least the defense establishment. As I said before, cyber-espionage is still esponiage. Is it any easier done over networks than by coopting employees of target companies or government agencies? I'd be more concerned about cyberwarfare. And didn't India ban Chinese telecom firms from selling into the country because of security concerns? Frankly, I'd be as worried about French and Israeli providers.

10/9/12 -- According to Reuters, Cisco cuts ties to China's ZTE after Iran probe. Shall I rest my case now?

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