Friday, March 29, 2013

Mainframe Masters: Students Bring New Blood to Venerable IBM Units

We used to joke about all the old IBM programmers retiring, and the world coming to a screaching halt. This was also a fear surrounding Y2K. Who was going to change all the two-digit date fields to four to accomodate the new millennium? It was time to reprint all the IBM programming books and make a killing. Well, obviously there was no Y2K disaster and we didn't make a killing on mainframe books.

So now the Journal News, my local newspaper (yes, I still read physical newspapers), reports that IBM has a mainframe contest. Yes, big iron still rules, and MIPS is still a "meaningless indicator of processor speed."

I should run a contest to see who can expand acronmys like CICS, REXX, VSE, MVS TSO, DASD, RACF. Anyone care to try?

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