Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TSA Expanding Its Screening of Passengers before They Arrive at the Airport

So, according to the NY Times, the TSA "is expanding its screening of passengers before they arrive at the airport by searching a wide array of government and private databases that can include records like car registrations and employment information."

I find this far more worrisome than the masses of information the NSA is capturing, or Google, Apple, Facebook, and others of their ilk. It won't be long before the TSA is screening rail travel, buses, using the ubiquitous roadway surveillance cameras to prevent us from driving, (use your imagination here), ...

Unfortunately, it'll never stop. Like the DEA, which has a vested interest in ensuring that the war on drugs never ends, the TSA needs to insinuate itself into every aspect of our lives in order to guarantee its existence beyond the Rapture. God help us all.

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