Monday, September 29, 2014

Confirmed: Windows 9 to be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users

Maybe now I can take Microsoft off my companies-I-love-to-hate list.

I made the mistake upgrading to Windows 8. Besides the really shitty interface, the install process blew away my email files (I use Eudora), all the Office apps (which I had to repurchase because the authentication codes were in the email files that got blown away), several non-Microsoft apps, my iPod library (which I later recovered), and who knows what else.

Also, security sucks. Despite update Norton files, I get more pop-ups and ads opening new windows than I've ever experienced.

Off course, after the experience of installing Windows 8, I'm leery of installing another Windows OS. I know now what files and apps to backup, but it's the unknowns that scare me.

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