Wednesday, September 14, 2016

FREE Guide on How to Communicate Security Issues to Employees

Creating a secure and safe working environment has become an essential priority for employers. Cyber-attacks, terrorist activity and even inadvertent employee actions feature all-too-frequently in the media. No organization or individual is immune.

Effective communication and education are central to developing a robust, security-conscious culture. But this has been highlighted as one of the biggest challenges faced by employers. So how do you get your employees to sit up and take notice of security issues?

Global communications company SnapComms has developed a new white-paper to help organizations implement an ongoing security framework for all staff through better communication and training. You can download the white paper, "How to Communicate Security Issues to Employees," here.

The white paper outlines common threats and activity that lead to security issues, as well as recommended training techniques for avoiding these security situations and methods for communicating better practices to employees such as:

•       Making your security message personal;
•       Targeting communications by employee role;
•       Cutting through the noise to share messages that build culture;
•       Tracking employee progress;
•       Keeping messages simple; and
•       Developing a theme that resonates with your workforce.

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