Thursday, April 20, 2017

Corporate Defense and the Value Preservation Imperative - A Spectrum of Positive Feedback

Since its publication, Corporate Defense and the Value Preservation Imperative: Bulletproof Your Corporate Defense Program has received a wide spectrum of positive feedback. This feedback has come from an eclectic mix of corporate commentators, including those commenting from different organizational perspectives (e.g. Strategic, Tactical, & Operational), those commenting from the vantage point of different lines of defense (e.g. the Board, Executive Management, Independent Assurance, Tactical Oversight Functions, & Operational Line Management), and those commenting through the lenses of different corporate defense expertise (e.g. Governance, Risk, Compliance, Intelligence, Security, Resilience, Controls, & Assurance). Interestingly many of these commentators also hail from a variety of geographic locations. The following represents a selection of this commentary to date.

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