Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Report Connects Iran to Global Critical National Infrastructure Hacks

Reports are starting to come in today that security firm Cylance has published an 86-page report on Operation Cleaver, which discusses Iran's hacking capabilities and motivations to attack global interests beyond the U.S. and Israel, long thought to be behind Stuxnet, and espionage campaigns using Flame and Duqu malware.

"Ask yourself how connected your life has gotten over the last 5 years; how connected businesses and governments have gotten over the last 5 years," said TK Keanini,  Lancope CTO. "In turn, crime and nation-state threats have also become more connected and their capabilities are expanding.

"Regardless of revenge or any other motivation, all nations need to be at a state of readiness and the investment in defense must at the very least match the investment being made in attacks by the adversaries.

"This statement is only bone chilling if you are not paying attention. The threat is real and defenses are in a constant co-evolutionary spiral."

Conflict and Cooperation in Cyberspace: The Challenge to National Security,  edited by Panayotis Yannakogeorgos and Adam Lowther, brings together some of the world’s most distinguished military leaders, scholars, cyber operators, and policymakers in a discussion of current and future challenges that cyberspace poses to the United States and the world. Maintaining a focus on policy-relevant solutions, it offers a well-reasoned study of how to prepare for war, while attempting to keep the peace in the cyberspace domain.

The discussion begins with thoughtful contributions concerning the attributes and importance of cyberspace to the American way of life and global prosperity. Examining the truths and myths behind recent headline-grabbing malicious cyber activity, the book spells out the challenges involved with establishing a robust system of monitoring, controls, and sanctions to ensure cooperation amongst all stakeholders. The desire is to create a domain that functions as a trusted and resilient environment that fosters cooperation, collaboration, and commerce.

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