Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Top 3 Enterprise Software and Security Trends for 2015

It's the time for prognostications for 2015. Cirius is first out of the gate. Here's what it foresees as significant trends developing in enterprise software and security. 

1. Data jurisdiction and data sovereignty will impact the growth of Office 365 and Azure. 
Satisfy local, grow global: Enhanced national privacy legislation introduced in Australia, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, as well as the EU Data Protection Directive, is the sign of what is to come. In many cases opinion trumps facts and products like Office 365 and Azure need to demonstrate aggressively that they understand the privacy and security  concerns of partners and resellers. Addressing domestic privacy and data jurisdiction concerns will help facilitate global growth

2."Cloud" will no longer be perceived as a security threat compared to on premise solutions.
The future of security is in the cloud: Cloud solution providers have had to deal with the perception the cloud was "unsecure" from day one. As a result cloud solution providers historically had to over deliver to be a viable alternative to on premise solutions. The reality is that security and compliance are not the core competency of most I.T. departments  and they lack the internal resources to meet compliance requirements and evolving security threats. 
3. Data Loss Prevention will become a hot issue for business leaders.
Who saw what when: Businesses need to know where their business critical information is at all times. Flagging content and communication before it leaves the office is a good start but it is not enough. Machine learning, pattern recognition, and "post-send" message controls are the next wave of DLP functionality that will protect employees, clients and increasingly the brand.

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